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Foreign Flows into US Credit Product

Sunday, May 16th, 2021

Weekly Foreign Flows to Long-Dated U.S. Credit Surge: Barclays2021-05-14 13:33:59.208 GMT By Jack Pitcher(Bloomberg) -- Foreign flows into longer-dated U.S. creditthis week were the highest of the year, potentially due toexpectations that hedge-adjusted yields will increase, accordingto Barclays strategists.* Foreign flows, measured by net dealer-to-affiliate volume,into the 7-12 year and 12 ...

DeutscheBank to Change Way It Covers Fixed Income Clients

Wednesday, May 12th, 2021

Deutsche Bank Overhauls Fixed Income Sales in Ongoing Cost Drive2021-05-12 16:14:57.403 GMT By William Shaw and Steven Arons(Bloomberg) -- Deutsche Bank AG is rearranging how it sellsfixed-income trading products as it seeks to lower costs whileavoiding falling revenue at the company’s biggest source ofincome.The new model will divide the coverage team ...

Amazon Deal With All Tranches and Pricing

Monday, May 10th, 2021

BFW 05/10 17:11 GUIDANCE: Amazon $Benchmark Debt Offering in 8 PartsBFW 05/10 12:14 NEW DEAL: Amazon $Benchmark Debt Offering in 8 Parts (1)BFW 05/10 12:03 NEW DEAL: Amazon $Benchmark Debt Offering in 8 Parts LAUNCH: Amazon $18.5b Debt Offering in 8 Parts2021-05-10 18:42:50.919 GMT By Michael Gambale and Bloomberg Automation(Bloomberg) -- Deal ...