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November 28th, 2014 8:03 am | by John Jansen |

Forbes magazine has a post in which Art Garfunkel speaks of the recording of Sounds of Silence which is the song which placed Simon and Garfunkel prominently on the 1960s music map. Garfunkel notes the work of Columbia Records producer, Tom Wilson, who produced their acoustic work ( and commercial failure) Wednesday Morning , 300AM.

The late Pete Fornatale was a New York based disk jockey and rock historian who worked at the legendary WNEW FM. I heard him speak at a concert by the folk duo Aztec Two Step on Long Island in 2009 at which Aztec Two Step sang their covers of about twenty five Simon Garfunkel songs. Fornatale related the amazing story that Tom Wilson had been the producer of Dylan Like a Rolling Stone and following the completion of that legendary track he requested that the musicians hang around for a bit. He pulled the tape of Simon and Garfunkel’s acoustic version of Sounds of Silence and he overdubbed the electric guitar and drums. As Pete Fornatale related when I heard him recount this story the rest is history.

One sidebar to  the story is that Tom Wilson was African American. That is germane in the eyes of Mr Fornatale because in 1965 there were very few blacks producing records at any of the major record houses.

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