Corporate Bonds This Far Today

April 21st, 2014 10:06 am | by John Jansen |

Via the good folks at Bloomberg:

Capital One Financial Corp B’Mark Baa1/BBB 2 part  5 & 10 yr
ipt  5yr +90 area
10 yr +115 area
1 mo par call prior on 5 yr

U.S. Bank NA B”Mark AA3/AA-    2 yr frn
1 mo par call prior
ipt 3ml +15 area

U.S. Bancorp B’Mark A1/A+  1/2 part    5 yr  fxd and/or frn
1 mo par call prior
ipt 5 yr  fxd +mid/high 50’s
frn 3ml equiv
The Goldman Sachs Group Ba2/BB+  2 parts  fxd to frn perps
Series K  $25 par Perp NC 10 Yr
ipt 6.50% area
Series L  $1000 par Perp nc 5 yr
ipt 6% area
The Huntington National Bank 500mm A3/BBB+  1/2 part    3 yr fxd and/or frn
sr bank notes
ipt 3 yr fxd +low 60’s
frn 3ml+ low 50’s

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